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LA Times Editorial Board Publishes Op-Ed Saying Trump Should Be Impeached

LA Times Editorial Board Publishes Op-Ed Saying Trump Should Be Impeached

The editorial board of the Los Angeles Times has called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment in an op-ed published on Saturday titled “We’ve seen enough. Trump should be impeached.”

The newspaper’s editors argued that the information from the House impeachment probe is “more than sufficient to persuade us that he should be impeached.”

“The Times’ editorial board was a reluctant convert to the impeachment cause. We worried that impeaching Trump on essentially a party-line vote would be divisive. It is also highly likely that Trump would be — will be — acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate, and that, rightly or wrongly, he would point to that in his reelection campaign as exoneration,” the op-ed claimed. “But those concerns must yield to the overwhelming evidence that Trump perverted U.S. foreign policy for his own political gain. That sort of misconduct is outrageous and corrosive of democracy. It can’t be ignored by the House, and it merits a full trial by the Senate on whether to remove him from office.”

The Times then pushed the Democrat Party talking point that “constitutional experts testified before the Judiciary Committee, the framers of the Constitution had just such self-dealing in mind when they wrote the impeachment clause.”

Even if the impeachment hoax passes through the House, two-thirds of the GOP-held Senate would need to vote for his removal — something highly unlikely to happen.


The Times went on to beg the House to write articles of impeachment that would win over the public and the Senate to their cause.

“Holding the president accountable for gross abuse of power is the business of Congress. The House should get on with that business by writing articles of impeachment that make it clear to the Senate — and the American people — why the extraordinary remedy of impeachment is necessary. And Republicans who complain that the process is partisan could easily rectify that situation by abandoning their lockstep loyalty to Trump and looking at the facts,” the Times stated.

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