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The peasants are revolting, cont’d

(Scott Johnson)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi charged the House Judiciary Committee with the preparation of articles of impeachment against President Trump yesterday. From the perspective of the Star Tribune editors, it’s probably the biggest news of the day. The AP story touting it sits at the top left of the Star Tribune home page (“Democrats say Trump impeachment charges must come swiftly”).

Readers, however, seem to be pursuing other interests. Below is a screenshot of the Star Tribune’s top five most read online stories as of 5:45 a.m. (Central) this morning. The tragic loss of three members of the Minnesota National Guard in the helicopter accident yesterday afternoon comes in at number 1; it is featured in the center column of the home page. We see in the second most-read story that Twins fans continue to wait till next year. News of Trump’s prospective impeachment does not make the top 5. It’s almost funny.