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Nancy Pelosi Takes Donald Trump’s Insult, Fires It Right Back At Him

Pelosi, who earlier in the day called on House Democratic leaders to begin drafting articles of impeachment against Trump, told a televised CNN town hall hosted by Jake Tapper that “the president is a master of projecting.”

“When he calls somebody else nervous, he’s the nervous one,” she said.

Pelosi also rejected Trump’s belief that she didn’t actually pray for him, despite what she had earlier stated.

“When he suspects that somebody is not praying, he’s probably not praying,” she said. “But I do pray for him because he is the president of the United States and I pray that God will open his heart to meeting the needs of people in our country.” Pelosi said she also prayed for Trump’s health, safety and family.

“It doesn’t bother me what he thinks about that,” she concluded. “All the more reason to pray for him.” 

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