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Iran, Europeans Hold Talks Over Tehran’s Commitment to Nuclear Deal

Iran and the 2015 nuclear deal’s European signatories hold talks discussing Tehran’s faulty commitment to abide by the accord’s terms and conditions.

The parties met Friday in Vienna, Austria, to urge the Iranians to stick to the 2015 nuclear deal’s rules, as Tehran continues to disregard its previous commitments.

The deal’s European signatories were expected to demand that Iran abide by the accord’s rules, or it would potentially be subject to sanctions by the United Nations.

The meeting, which ultimately seeks to salvage the crumbling deal, included envoys from Iran, Great Britain, France, Germany, China, and Russia.

Despite trying to save the deal, there have been reports in recent months suggesting Iran has surpassed the deal’s limits on both uranium enrichment and stockpile limitations. 

Tension between the U.S. and Iran has soared in the last year and a half following U.S. withdrawal from the deal. 

Since then, the Iranian economy has struggled to survive American sanctions as the deal’s European signatories continue to try to salvage the accord. 

As a result, tension has soared between Iran and the nuclear deal’s signatories as Tehran has become increasingly angry over the European’s lack of involvement in shielding the Islamic Republic from the sanctions.

President Trump announced additional sanctions targeting Tehran back in September, which have continued to cripple its otherwise crumbling economy.

The president made the announcement via twitter saying he had “just instructed the Secretary of the Treasury” to heighten the sanctions targeting the Islamic Republic.