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‘I’m Just Trying to Make a Point!’

After taking the day off on Thursday, Meghan McCain returned to The View on Friday and immediately set about doing Meghan McCain things.

During a discussion on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s altercation with a Sinclair reporter after he asked her whether she “hated” President Donald Trump, McCain sulked and pouted after frequent sparring partner Joy Behar used an audience-pleasing one-liner against McCain’s argument Democrats are too focused on making a meme out of Pelosi’s moment.

Earlier in the conversation, conservative co-host Abby Huntsman claimed that reporter James Rosen’s question to the House speaker following her Thursday impeachment press conference was both “lazy” and “hostile.”

“He was going probably for the clickbait and the headlines,” she said, adding that he should have given more context to the question. “What I worry so much is the humanity and civility in this country, and I put a lot of the blame on the president because it’s how we talk to each other.”

After co-host Sunny Hostin felt Pelosi was “triggered” by the notion that Democrats only want to impeach Trump because they hate him and that it has nothing to do with the Constitution, McCain jumped in to note that Pelosi’s campaign is now raising money off the incident.

“I think that the problem is when she did answer it masterfully, the problem is now she’s selling t-shirts that say #DontMessWithNancy,” McCain stated, prompting Hostin to express shock.

“Yes, she is,” McCain continued. “For $39, you can buy a t-shirt.”

Behar, meanwhile, jokingly asked if the shirts “come in black” as McCain complained that “everything is a meme” in politics, listing off a number of well-known resistance hashtags.

“This is very serious,” the ex-Fox News personality added. “We’re talking about the Constitution. We’re talking about impeachment. And for me, it reduces it—it’s very reductive to start selling sweatshirts that say #DontMessWithNancy.”

“So you mean like hats that say Make America Great Again,” Behar interrupted, referencing Trump’s long-running campaign slogan.

As the audience cheered Behar’s brushback, McCain shook her head and crossed her arms. She then groused: “You know what, I’m just trying to make a point. And I’ve never worn a MAGA hat. I think you know better than anybody I’d never wear a MAGA hat.”

The right-leaning host, clearly unnerved at this point, reiterated that politics shouldn’t be about memes, tossing in a “Whatever” for good measure.

Hostin, for her part, attempted to find out exactly who was selling these shirts, asking if it was actually the Democratic National Committee.

“It doesn’t matter,” McCain huffed, arms folded tightly.