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What Did We Learn From the Impeachment Hearing?


Nothing. We learned nothing.

OK, we learned that Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan is a pinched, bitter woman who probably has daddy issues she’s been carrying throughout her life.

Naturally, her maladjusted nastiness turned her into an instant folk hero for the foot-stomping Left.

Rounding up a few academics to complain about any Republican isn’t exactly a daunting task. That’s like wandering around Hyannis Port in the summertime and bumping into a drunk Kennedy.

The Democrats are preaching to their cult-of-outrage choir and nothing more.

It’s tedious, but there is an upside:

So, they are accomplishing something.

It’s Good to Be Right

As we were discussing yesterday, there were a couple of very sound reasons that Kamala Harris plummeted from her beloved top tier and fell out of the race. Later in the day, The Atlantic agreed with me:

A bitter irony underlies Kamala Harris’s exit from the presidential campaign. She lost, in part, because she couldn’t forthrightly defend her record as a prosecutor. She couldn’t forthrightly defend that record because party activists deemed it insufficiently progressive. They portrayed her as complicit in the unjust incarceration and killing of black and Latino men.

Most MSM outlets still went with the race card excuse for Harris’s exit, and Cory Booker didn’t let that opportunity go to waste.

Whenever They Don’t Mention the Party You Know It’s a Democrat

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