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Rudy Giuliani Teams Up With Seth Rich Conspiracy Theorist Chanel Rion to Save Trump

Rudy Giuliani has found a new ally in his globe-trotting attempts to fight President Trump’s impeachment, teaming up with a cable news reporter and conspiracy-theory political cartoonist who has suggested that Hillary Clinton killed Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich and that Democrats eat people.

In his quest to defend Trump and dig up dirt on his political opponents, Giuliani has enlisted a wide variety of characters in both the United States and Europe. Now he’s placing a big bet on Chanel Rion, a One America News host who dabbles in bizarre conspiracy theories.

On Wednesday, The New York Times reported that Giuliani traveled to Hungary and Ukraine this week to set up interviews with former Ukrainian prosecutors who have been critical of former Vice President Joe Biden. The interviews are meant for a series on pro-Trump cable channel One America News hosted by Rion, a reporter, anti-feminist children’s book author, and political cartoonist.