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Pelosi’s announcement is a “significant milestone”


Reacting to Speaker of House House Nancy Pelosi’s announcement today that Democrats will proceed with articles of impeachment against President Trump, Sen. Lindsey Graham said: “So much for being prayerful and thoughtful.”

Graham continued:

“I think it’s a bad day for the country. I think this whole thing is a joke. Mueller, I trusted — I don’t trust Schiff, I don’t trust Nadler to find the truth and the Speaker said it should be bipartisan it should be prayerful it should be thoughtful. So, what happened?”

Graham added he doesn’t plan to subpoena House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff’s phone records, saying “ No, I don’t have any desire to subpoena Adam Schiff’s phone records, we’re not going to do that,” adding “I wouldn’t want my phone records subpoenaed.”

Asked if Schiff crossed a line subpoenaing phone records, he said, “I think what he’s doing is setting a very bad precedent.”

“Now, none of us are above the law so if you had a special counsel or a grand jury…you would be subject like every other citizen, but you can invoke defenses of being a member of Congress, you’ll have a certain status there. But when we start looking into each other’s phone records and who we talk to that gets to be chaos and I will have no part of it”

Graham was also asked about Rudy Giuliani being in Ukraine, responding “I don’t know what he’s doing. I don’t know who he’s meeting with and if he can find something, he certainly can share it with us.”