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Trump’s GOP Sheds Its Dignity, and Chugs His Kool-Aid

The Trump Republican Party has outdone itself in scoring merit badges for cowardice, betrayal, and corruption in the era of Trump, but the last two weeks have set a new standard for mendacity and outright treason so low it verges on chthonic. The men and women (looking at you Stefanik and Haley) of the GOP have almost entirely abandoned any philosophical or ideological predicate beyond how fast they can assume the position to kiss Trump’s ample ass, cover for his ever-growing catalog of crimes and lies to the American people.

There’s plenty of blame to go around.

First, of course, is the cancerous core of Donald Trump’s defense network, Attorney General Bill Barr. I’ve written – almost ad nauseum at this point – about Barr’s skill, power and utter loathsomeness, but he’s about to pull another one of his defenses of Trump, and this one is big.