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Indian godman Nithyananda’s new country could use this preamble — Quartz India

One of India’s best-known—certainly most entertaining—godmen has apparently sought to set up a country of his own.

Nithyananda, who has been on the run after the parents of some inmates of his facility in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, accused him of child abuse, has reportedly sought the United Nation’s recognition of Kailaasa, a private island somewhere near Ecuador or Trinidad & Tobago.

Since it is not every day that a self-styled incarnation of god gets to set up his own country, Quartz India felt it could help this fledgling “nation” in its first steps by suggesting a preamble to its future constitution (we hope it will have one if doesn’t already). We modelled it on the one prefacing the esteemed constitution of India, the godman’s country of origin. All the noble goals included in this preamble are borrowed from the “contracts” volunteers were reportedly made to sign with Nithyananda’s organisation.

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