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How Medicare for All Keeps Crippling Democratic Frontrunners


There’s never any one reason that presidential campaigns end. Well, actually, there is, and Kamala Harris acknowledged it in her statement: Money. She was running out of it. It sucks, but it’s life.

Beyond that, though, post-mortems can point to a range of reasons. She never developed a clear rationale. Her campaign was a mess. Her prosecutor background was a killer among the woke. They’re all true to one extent or another. I remember thinking during her announcement speech that while it was obviously really impressively staged and she had a ton of personality, she didn’t seem to have much to say about economics. 

At a time when one of the core issues facing this country, or probably the core issue, is the various crises born of this malignant form of capitalism we’re living under, and when Democrats are desperate for action on inequality and the class war being waged against working people and young people, Harris’ economic world view was never really clear.

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