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House Judiciary committee holds Trump Impeachment hearings

WASHINGTON – The House impeachment inquiry could become even more combative and theatrical Wednesday, as the Judiciary Committee holds its first hearing into whether to recommend the potential removal of President Donald Trump.

The Judiciary Committee has focused on whether Trump obstructed justice in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference with the 2016 election.

Follow along as USA TODAY provides updates on the day’s impeachment news. 

Karlan spent her Thanksgiving reading the transcripts, eating delivered turkey

Stanford University Professor Pamela Karlan joked that she had been so busy reading all of the transcripts from impeachment testimony over Thanksgiving that she ate a pre-cooked turkey.

“I spent all of Thanksgiving vacation sitting there, reading these transcripts…I ate like a turkey that came to us in the mail that was already cooked because I was spending my time doing this,” Karlan said, to laughter in the room.