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Join Me on the Seth Leibsohn Show

We first got to know Seth Leibsohn when he was Bill Bennett’s radio producer. Now he has his own show in Phoenix on which all of us, I believe, have been guests from time to time. This week, Seth is touring Israel with Dennis Prager, so I am filling in as a guest host. I hosted the Seth Leibsohn Show today, and will do so tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday of this week. The program runs from 4 to 7 Central time.

Tonight’s show was fun; it focused exclusively on the latest shenanigans from Washington, in particular the Democrats’ impeachment charade. Scott was a guest–did you think I could resist covering fake news about a fake orgasm?–as was Andrew McCarthy. The conversation was lively and often funny.

There were a number of news stories I didn’t get to this evening. Tomorrow I intend to get away from D.C. at least part of the time, and talk about other events (arguably more important) that are occurring around the world. If you are in or near Phoenix, where the show airs from 3 to 6, I encourage you to tune in. Better yet, call in! And if you are not in the Phoenix area, you can listen live here. We had a call today from a Power Line reader who gave us a great plug; it would be fun to hear from more of our readers tomorrow, and through the week.