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Backs Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went full-on Vladimir Putin comrade Monday — again — and sided with Russia in its violent confrontations with Ukraine, apparently including Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea.

Carlson said something similar a week ago, but then disavowed it within the hour.

This time, Carlson made the leap as he railed against U.S. sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Crimea and for an ongoing deadly border war with Ukraine.

“I should say for the record that I’m totally opposed to these sanctions and I don’t think we should be at war with Russia,” a serious Carlson told Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on his program. “And I think we should probably take the side of Russia, if we have to choose between Russia and Ukraine.”

He also wondered why Putin is “so bad”?

In another jaw-dropper, Carlson insisted that Putin “does not hate America as much as many of these people do” after he attacked MSNBC news host Chuck Todd and the “rest of the dummies.” He criticized them for being incapable of speaking Russian. He accused Todd of going “full Joe McCarthy” for challenging Rep. John Kennedy (R-La.), who on Sunday pushed President Donald Trump’s unfounded accusations that Ukraine interfered in the U.S. presidential election.

Jordan ducked any similar pro-Russia declaration. The smiling Republican seemed weirdly amused by Carlson’s short proclamation. Ironically, Jordan had been trying to make a point that Trump is very tough on Russia.

Carlson last week said that he wanted to side with Russia in conflicts with Ukraine. “Why shouldn’t I root for Russia, which I am,” he said then. But just 45 minutes later, he insisted he wasn’t serious.

“Of course I’m joking. I’m only rooting for America,” he claimed.

Twitter critics had a few observations to share about Carlson’s position.

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