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This Ninja air fryer is at its lowest Cyber Monday price at Target

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Guilt-free fries and chicken wings for days.

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TL;DR: This four-quart Ninja air fryer is on sale at a lot of retailers this weekend, but Target is offering an extra 15% off, making it the lowest price yet at $59.49.

“Fried food without the guilt” — you’ve heard it a million times before. Probably from us. But hey, we stand by it. Air fryers are dope. And a lot of these kitchen appliances are on sale this weekend, but one air fryer in particular caught our eye that we just had to tell you about. 

As an early Cyber Monday deal, this four-quart Ninja air fryer is $70 off at a lot of different retailers, but Target is throwing in an extra 15% off, bringing it down to its lower price yet. That’s just $59.49 for all the fried foods, and none of the guilt (oops, we said it again). 

Make your favorite beige-colored foods quicker and easier with the Ninja air fryer. French fries, chicken wings, and more come out evenly crispy each and every time thanks to thorough heat circulation and a wide temperature range. Bake, roast, reheat, air fry and dehydrate your favorite snacks whenever you please using its easy-to-navigate control panel. Plus, it’ll cut down on your oil-consumption by… well, a lot. 

Add something different to your kitchen — grab this four-quart Ninja air fryer for just $59.49 (its lowest price yet) at Target as an early Cyber Monday deal. 

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