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Pope Francis & Christianity — Twelve Things That Caught My Eye Today

1. Gunmen massacre 14 Christians during Protestant service in Burkina Faso



4. These journalists have confounded China’s massive propaganda machine

5. This is kind of stunning:


7. Who Heeds America’s Shadow Children?

8. Adoptee sent away for birth certificate, stunned by discovery: ‘I think I know him’

9. The always must-read Andy Ferguson: Everyone Hates the Boomers, OK?



12. Pope Francis has a helpful letter about the importance of Nativity scenes at this time of year

Plus: How A Year with the Mystics acan be helpful this time of year (but start anytime!)

(You can buy it here.)

And Jim Geraghty is wonderful — here highlighting the mystics book alongside other NR authors this year. (What a great friend and colleague he is!) Lots of good gift ideas there. And boy, do we cover a lot of ground around here!


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