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And the prize for weirdest thing to sell for $7,000 goes to … the WWE and this bizarre championship belt


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It’s a bargain and a beauty!


There are plenty of great deals to be had on Black Friday, so it’s totally possible that you missed out on this one.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) launched a new item on its WWE Shop store that immediately went viral on Twitter: a replica of “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt’s customized WWE Universal title.

Let’s take a moment to really look at it:

WWE is selling its Bray Wyatt custom WWE Universal title for...a lot.

WWE is selling its Bray Wyatt custom WWE Universal title for…a lot.

Perhaps you think the championship belt looks corny. Maybe you think it’s spooky-looking. If you’re a fan of The Fiend, you might even…like it?

But one thing is for sure, it’s the best bargain of the week at a mere $6,499.99! Don’t forget the sales tax, which puts this replica belt at more than $7,000.

For the non-wrestling fans out there, let me break down why this weird looking title belt exists so it makes a little bit of sense. Pro wrestler Bray Wyatt has a history of playing horror-influenced characters. Currently, Wyatt’s on-screen character is that of a weird children’s show host, sort of like an evil Pee-Wee Herman. But when Wyatt wrestles, he transforms into his alter-ego: a monster known as The Fiend. 

As The Fiend, Wyatt wears a mask like the image that’s emblazoned on the custom WWE Universal championship belt. The Fiend recently won the title at WWE’s most recent in October. This past Friday, Black Friday, Wyatt debuted his new custom title belt.

Now, let’s attempt to make (some) sense of the pricing. After the title’s debut, WWE quickly put up a limited-edition replica version in the store. Replica titles traditionally sell for anywhere between $300-$600 in WWE’s official store. But this belt isn’t manufactured at scale. Each one is handcrafted by horror effects legend Tom Savini. It’s a real-deal collector’s item, albeit a very expensive one.

So now that this all makes complete sense, I’m assuming you’ll all be rushing out to make sure this title belt is sitting under the tree this holiday season. Your grandma will love it.