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Open Thread

Chew it up. Spit it out.

Update: Some random links I wanted to blog and never got around to doing it.

• DavidNYC blogs the new SUSA numbers on the California ballot propositions, which show bad news for Arnold’s foes (i.e. us). “Alliance for a Better California” has more.

• Robert Bork hates Bush and hates Miers.

With a single stroke–the nomination of Harriet Miers–the president has damaged the prospects for reform of a left-leaning and imperialistic Supreme Court, taken the heart out of a rising generation of constitutional scholars, and widened the fissures within the conservative movement. That’s not a bad day’s work–for liberals.

• Yglesias makes a good point.

What happened to all the media hecklers? You know the ones. The ones slamming the Democrats for “irresponsibly” refusing to negotiate with Bush unless he took privatization off the table. That was, supposedy, irresponsible because of the looming crisis. Well, if it ever existed it’s got to still be looming. So isn’t it irresponsible of the administration to have suddenly dropped the topic?

It’s sad that things are a “crisis” only so long as the president claims it’s a crisis. And the media is only too happy to play along.

• Steve Rubel has some great RSS tips, for those of you who use RSS to control the mass of information on the web.