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What RSS Reader Do You Use? (With Poll)

I have roughly three categories of feeds that I subscribe to: favorite feeds which I track daily and read most of the posts, such as here, Street Prophets, Talking Points Memo, and the personal blogs of certain friends; daily feeds where I browse the post titles and read what interests me, such as news feeds; and lesser feeds which are there for partly completeness for when I do searches and partly because I browse post titles on a weekly or less frequent basis. (And if you don’t meaningfully title your posts, I’m usually not bothering with your blog.)

Historically, I’ve probably tried a dozen or so.  I started out with Feedreeder, moved to BottomFeeder, and have recently been experimenting with Google Reader.  Along the way, I have tried and discarded RSS Bandit, Sage, and BlogBridge.  Those aren’t necessarily bad RSS readers, they just didn’t fit my preferences, which include a three-pane reader and the ability to create sub-folders.

What works for you? I added a poll, but there are so many options out there, that I’m not sure what good it will do.