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Is there an RSS feed for the “Recommended Diary” List?

I am planning to build an iPhone application and a Dashboard widget that would allow the user to browse through DKos posts, as well as Recent and Recommended diaries. If I had RSS feeds for all three, it would make the process substantially easier, but I can’t figure out how to find it (I snooped around the source code on the home page of DKos to no avail).

If anyone knows is it exists and what it’s address is, it would be a big help. Even confirmation that it doesn’t exist would be nice.

Thanks, JoshTR.

UPDATE: Ashaman found the link, which is fantastic news (kudos to him).

In response to some of the comments…

> I DO plan to have some sore of additional features, and possibly multiple sites, although the more specific I get, the fewer people there will be that it will be “tailor-made” to. Many people only really browse Daily Kos.

> Although it may not seem it, many people have iPhones and iPod Touches (30 million globally, around half that in the US), which is why I figured it was a good idea to make a convenient tool that allowed users to quickly get right to the RSS feeds on the site. A Dashboard Widget (for Mac users only) seems less popular, only because most people don’t utilize it, or already have handy RSS organizers in them.

> I will be writing this app in my spare time, so don’t expect a “release” in a week or anything. If my application to Apple goes through, I might be able to get it into the iTunes store; otherwise, it will be a download.

> In any case, if you have any questions or ideas, the project is completely open, and you can contact me at Thanks!