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Firefox Search Plugin for the dKosopedia

I’ve been sorta out of touch for a bit, but the daily tag runs have been working fine, and thanks to those few interested in tag cleanup, it looks like tag cleanup has been proceeding apace. Way to go, guys. I’ve been working with the existing tag data (thanks, ct) and am close to a system that I think will work quite well, but am not ready to write anything up yet, pending one more round of data analysis.

But that’s not what I want talk about. I’ve started using Google Reader as my RSS app, and, as much as I like Safari, it looks like Firefox is just much better at handling Google Reader. So I’m transferring all my stuff from Safari to Firefox, and found that Firefox let’s you create search plugins, so that in the search bar up in the right hand corner you can specify whatever site you want. Cool.

So I’ve created a dKosopedia search plugin, available at either this dKosopedia site, or at this Mozilla site. Give it a try and let me know what you think. (After installing, I had to exit and restart Firefox. I don’t know if this is expected behavior.)