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Police: Officer kills man threatening to harm self, others

A man accused of threatening to harm himself and others has been fatally shot by a Baltimore County police officer

Maryland police say an officer pulled over and killed a man who had been accused of threatening to hurt himself and others.

Baltimore County police spokeswoman Jennifer Peach gave few details to news outlets about what happened Tuesday night that prompted an officer to fatally shoot 48-year-old Eric Sopp on Interstate 83.

Peach says the officer was required to wear a body-worn police camera, but said she didn’t know if the camera was on at the time.

Officers had been called to a residence in Parkton around 9 p.m. On their way there, police learned the man had driven away. He was pulled over on I-83 north of Belfast.

Peach said there was limited information on what happened during the stop, including whether the man was armed.