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Illegal alien deported after killing four children in 2008 school bus crash is caught again in the US

An illegal immigrant from Guatemala was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in Minneapolis more than ten years after she killed four children and was deported.

35-year-old Olga Franco del Cid caused a horrific school bus crash in 2008 that killed four children and injured 17 others. She ran a red light and hit the bus with her minivan, then crashed into a pickup truck.

The children who perished were aged 12, 13, and two were 9 years old.

She attempted to blame the crash on her boyfriend, lied to investigators about her identity and said she was from Puerto Rico. They determined that she was in fact an illegal immigrant from Guatemala.

She was convicted of 4 counts of criminal vehicular homicide, and 20 other charges in the crash. She was sentenced to more than twelve years in prison, but only served before being released and deported in 2016.

ICE arrested her again for being in the country illegally on Tuesday after receiving a tip about her whereabouts.

In 2009, it was reported that Franco had married her pen pal in prison.

Here’s a news video about the fatal crash in 2008:

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