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Florida man spits food into woman’s mouth during road rage incident

A Florida man allegedly spit food into the mouth of a woman who was trying to apologize to him for an earlier road rage incident, a report said.

David Wipperman, 61, of Largo, is accused of committing the sickening act on Oct. 29 in Pinellas County, according to a police report obtained by

One that day, during the dust-up, Wipperman allegedly exited his Chevrolet to confront the woman.

She rolled down her window to “apologize,” the arrest report said, which Wipperman allegedly didn’t accept.

Instead, he hocked chewed-up food from inside his mouth at the woman, the arrest report said.

“The food struck the victim in the face and entered her mouth,” the report said.

Wipperman then allegedly opened the woman’s car door and screamed at her. His verbal attack stopped when another motorist intervened.

He was arrested on Nov. 21 and charged with battery, the report said.